How to add ID Protection to your registered domains

Protect your personal information

When registering a domain name, it is necessary to provide a set of personal details, full name address telephone number and email address. These personal details are required by the registering bodies by law and are then being provided as public records that anyone can access by doing a WHOIS research. If you wish to protect your personal information and reduce the amount of spam to your inbox you can add an ‘ID Protection’ to every domain in your account.


How to add ID Protection

  • Log in to your account
  • From the Domains main menu item, click on ‘My Domain’
  • On the next screen, you will see a list of the domain name you have registered
  • Click on the spanner/wrench icon on the right of the domain listing
  • Or click the popup menu next to it and select Manage Domain (See Screenshot above)
  • In the next screen, from the Manage menu click on the Addons tab (if you view this on a computer it will appear as a sidebar on the left and if you use a mobile phone it will appear at the top under the title of the page.(See Screenshot below)
  • Follow through to order ID protection